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Little League Families,
In response to your feedback, we have moved our tryout and evaluation dates during the week, as opposed to the weekend. This should provide greater flexibility for every player to attend the tryouts or evaluation sessions, and not hamper anyone’s weekend plans.
All the sessions will be held at the Rye Elementary School gym (461 Sagamore Road).
Please save the dates- March 2nd, March 3rd, and March 4th. 
All players will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early to their scheduled event. Parents are kindly asked to accompany their child to registration to ensure proper drop off, and all paperwork has been filled out, as well as to allow for an on-time process. A quick introduction to both parents and players will precede the tryout or evaluation session. Following the introduction parents can wait in the lobby, or run an errand if need be, but will not be allowed to partake or witness the tryout. We ask this of parents so the players can focus on the tasks requested of them.  Board members, Julie Derderian and Sav Huskey, will oversee the registration and introductory meeting. They will take any questions that you may have. Board members, Jeff Ross and Steve McManus, will oversee the tryouts and evaluations inside the gym. 
Players should already be registered before arriving. All players will receive a tryout "number” upon arrival. Players should bring their own baseball gear (gloves, helmets and a water bottle) and dress appropriately (sneakers, not cleats and athletic clothing) for baseball drills (throwing, catching, batting, and running).  
Please save-the-date based on your registration. RLL will assign each player a time slot when registration closes.
Returning Major League Players - MANDATORY
Monday March 2nd
This session is for the 20 Major League players returning to RLL. As a reminder this session is simply to assess each current Major League player so the league can redraft the returning players. The goal of RLL is to try and create parity as best we can among the three teams. Your son or daughter will be assigned one of the two times. 
  • 5:00-6:00 (Please show up at 4:45p)
  • 6:00-7:00 (Please show up at 5:45p)


Players Trying Out for Major League - MANDATORY

Tuesday March 3rd
This session is for players Little League age 9-12 that have had at least two years of experience at AAA and want to tryout for Majors. We recommend players come for two tryouts as this will allow for a more informed assessment. Please note that the open spots for the Major League level are limited and not everyone trying out will make this level. 
  • 5:00-6:00 (please show up at 4:45p)
  • 6:00-7:00 (please show up at 5:45p)
Wednesday March 4th
This session is for players registered to play AAA. It would be good for these players to have experienced at least one (if not two) year/s at the AA level.  AAA level requires the understanding of throwing, catching and hitting from live kid pitchers. 
  • 5:00-6:00 (please show up at 4:45p)
  • 6:00-7:00 (please show up at 5:45p)
Again to reiterate the Major League tryouts and AAA evaluations are required to determine skill level and readiness for league play and to keep all RLL teams evenly matched as well as to keep all players safe. Safety is our top concern to ensure all players are placed in the appropriate league. 
The 2019 redrafting of the major league reflected where we were as a town and the limited numbers of children which currently exist in Rye, New Castle and North Hampton. The assessment of returning players will enable RLL to begin the draft fairly and consistently. We made the decision to move to 3 Major League Teams last season, which allowed the top players to remain motivated to play competitive baseball, but also keep the AAA league strong too, and allow for these players to gain more confidence as they continue developing their skills. 
Players will be notified of team placement by March 20th and all registration fees will be adjusted accordingly. 
Rye Little League is very excited to start the 2020 season and we look forward to seeing you all and watching our kids play this great game!