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Rye Little League
Snack Shack


The Rye Little League Snack Shack is a fund raising venture for the Rye Little League.  Every family with a child playing in the Major League and AAA league is asked to take two shifts running the Snack Shack, while AA and T-ball are asked to volunteer for one shift.

Link: Rye Little League Volunteer Sign Up (signupgenius.com)

If a game that you were scheduled to work the Snack Shack is postponed and rescheduled, you are responsible for working the shack on the rescheduled date or finding a replacement.


April 2023 update -

Thank you for your assistance to work the RLL Snack Shack this season.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  You are a key part of the league’s success, which enables us to purchase needed supplies and equipment.  Should you have any questions/concerns, please text -

Nicole L’Ecuyer @ 201-210-1700

Kate Maly @ 603-817-0803

·         Venmo will not be available this year.  Cash will be accepted and transactions via “Cheddar Up” app.

·         Customers using “Cheddar Up” must have proof of purchase via screen shot.  No “tabs.”

Website: https://snack-shack-57012.cheddarup.com

QR Code:


Set Up Instructions for Opener

● Pick up the cash box (keys inside) at the L’Ecuyer residence: 534 Wallis Rd, Rye (gray house/black shutters). Box will be located on the steps in front of the glass doors – adjacent to the garage.

● This should be done before 8:15am on weekends & 5:15pm on weekdays, to ensure you are at the field on time

● Portsmouth Pizza will deliver 2 cheese/1 pepperoni on Tues & Thurs at 5:30pm which will be paid online in advance

● Unlock & Tidy Bathroom

● Put out trash cans with new garbage bags inside

● Unlock padlock to snack shack

● Wipe down all counters with Clorox wipes

● Display candy on counter

● Hang chip bags on clips around the window

● Turn on Keurig machine

● Place condiments on the shelf outside entrance - ketchup, mustard, relish, sugar, creamers, spoons, forks, napkins, and hand sanitizer

● Turn on Food Warmer

● Wipe down Hot Dog Steamer and prep for use i.e., add water to base of steamer, and follow instructions on “How to Use Hot Dog Steamer” (see below for instructions)

Middle Shift-Saturday

● Relieve Opener

● Restock items

● Take inventory to note any items that are running low on/sold out of and add to the “Shopping List”

● Transition to Closer, communicate what has been done and what needs to be done 

Closing Instructions

● Restock items

● Take inventory to note any items that are running low on/sold out of and add to the “Shopping List.”

Text Kate Maly @ 603-817-0803 a photo of the list

● Tidy and lock restrooms

● Empty all the trash and take it to the dumpster at the back of the parking lot. Leave recycling and empty trash barrels inside the shack with a new bag

● Wipe down all counters with Clorox wipes and sweep/vacuum the snack shack

● Clean food warming unit & unplug

● Clean Keurig & unplug

● Clean hot dog steamer & unplug

 ● Lock the front window by placing the long bar across and padlock

● Wipe down grill and wash grill tools (Saturday only)

● Lock shack upon leaving

● Return the cash box (keys inside) to the steps in front of the glass doors at the L’Ecuyer residence - 534 Wallis Rd (gray house – black shutters).

Cooking Instructions

● Hotdogs and Burgers are grilled - On Saturdays (48 burgers & rolls & cheese)

How to Use Hot Dog Steamer:

● Add water base of steamer, fill to instructed water level

● Add 6-10 hotdogs in the hot dog tray, buns in the top bun warming tray

● Turn dial to “high” for 10 min, then switch to “warm”

● Hotdogs to be wrapped in tinfoil




Rye Recreation lets us use these facilities as a courtesy and expects it to be taken care of properly.  We want to keep this clean so we will be able to continue to have this privilege.


Thank you for your help and support in all of these responsibilities.


Snack Shack Useful Tips

  1. It is extremely helpful for both workers to arrive at least a half hour before the game starts, since the posted Opening Procedure takes time to get things ready and the hot dogs cooked.

  2. Do not open the window until you are ready for business, since once it is open, you will have customers.

  3. It is necessary to have both the opener and closer working together from the start to finish, since it does go faster with more hands.

  4. Make sure the hot dogs are ready for the start of the game.   Some players like to grab a hot dog before the game starts, in case they haven’t had enough time to eat, as the weeknight games are at 5:15.

  5. Make sure you keep the soda fridge filled with drinks, and put the new ones in the back.  People don’t want to buy warm ones.   It helps to keep the variety organized together.  If you have a row or two of everything in there you will be covered, and it is easier to rotate warm vs. cold when you have a few rows to move things around in.   However, an example is to not put a whole shelf of lemonade in there at a time, since it isn’t the most popular seller.

  6. When it is very busy, it is helpful to have some cooked hot dogs pre-wrapped in foil and kept in the warmer, so things move along faster.

  7. When it is really busy, it is helpful to have one person “manning” the counter to keep track of who has paid and who is next – and the other person “manning” the hot dog / pizza orders. 

  8. When the outside garbage cans are full, ask someone to help empty them in the dumpster.  They are heavy.    The Rye Rec uses them during the week for their camps too.   We don't want a bunch of garbage sitting around for our games.

  9. Please make sure that the correct size bag is used for the barrels.  It is much nicer to clean up when the bag doesn’t fall inside the barrel.

  10. It is also important to remember that garbage in the dugouts need emptying.   Each team is supposed to empty the garbage and sweep up the dugouts after each game.