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Rye Little League
Snack Shack



The Rye Little League Snack Shack is a fund raising venture for the Rye Little League.  It is run solely by parent volunteers.  Every family with a child playing in the Major Leagues and AAA league is asked to take a turn or two running the snack shack.  A schedule has been prepared based on the two teams playing and each family taking turns.

Please find your name and the dates you are scheduled to run the snack shack.  If you are unable to work the shack on your scheduled date, it is up to YOU to find a replacement, by switching a game with another family from your child’s team. Our little league rules prevent us from hiring or having paid employees. If you switch with a family from your team, please note it on the schedule posted in the Snack Shack, so it is known who to expect to work that game.

You are scheduled as either the “Opener” or the “Closer”.  Both adults on the schedule work the entire shift, including set-up and clean-up. The Opener picks the cash box up at Taylor Hindle’s house (5 Rands Lane, Rye, NH) about 45 minutes before game time.  Both people scheduled to work should be at the Snack Shack about 30 minutes before game time.   The Closer returns the cash box to Taylor’s house after clean-up is complete.

If a game that you were scheduled to work the snack shack is canceled and rescheduled, you are responsible for working the shack on the rescheduled date.

If you are a “No-Show” for your scheduled shift, and have not taken the responsibility to find a replacement, you will be assigned two additional shifts during the play-offs.   We are all volunteering our time, so please be respectful of everyone's time and commitment.

We will need additional volunteers to run the shack during the play-off games in June.  You will be contacted once the schedule is made.



Snack Shack
Opening Procedure

  1. Pick up the cash box at the home of Taylor Hindle, 5 Rands Lane (off of Wallis)

             – the cash box will be on the front steps and labeled,  “Rye Little League”.

  1. Unlock the bathrooms

            – there are new key code locks on the bathrooms, the code is posted in the SS

  1. Make sure the large outside trash barrels have bags that are the right size so they don’t fall inside.   If they are full at the start of the game, they should be emptied, please ask for help from someone who is available.   They are heavy and messy.  The bags are in the SS.
  2. Turn the Keurig coffee machine on.

– Make sure the water level is full           

  1. Start the hot dogs (switch is on the back right side)

            – Fill the hot dog holders with hot dogs

            – Put the buns in the drawer on the bottom of the machine, in plastic bag     

  1. Outside Shelf (Condiment Shelf)

            – Set out ketchup, mustard, relish, cream / sugar / stirrers for coffee, napkins           

  1. Set out assorted candy and snacks.
  2. Pizza Delivery – Pizza will be ordered for the games

            – Should arrive at 5:00p.m. on weeknights, 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays

            – Pizza and tip are taken care of, please do not pay.

            – Call Taylor if there is a problem --- c) 617-835-1811   h) 603-379-2111


Food Preparation:  If we have the following items in stock:

Hot Pretzels              – Sprinkle with water

                                – Sprinkle with salt and microwave for 45 sec to 1 minute


Popcorn                    – Microwave approx. 3 minute

                                - Leave in bag to serve


Snack Shack
Closing Procedure

  • Drain and clean hot dog machine – all parts are removable and should be washed and put back.


  • Be sure all electric appliances are unplugged or turned off (unless otherwise posted)


Put away candy and snacks in large tupperwear box.


  • Put ketchup, mustard, relish and cream back in the refrigerator.


  • Restock soda, Powerade and water in both refrigerators.


  • Put leftover chowder back in the refrigerator, and dated for use at next game.


  • Wipe counters and picnic table and wash utensils.


  • Sweep the floor.


  • Empty trash barrels and place trash in the dumpster.  (both inside and outside – ask for help).


  • Cans / bottles to be recycled should be brought to the recycling container next to the dumpster.


  • Keep track of needed supplies and leave the list on the counter.


  • Straighten up / sweep the bathrooms and lock the bathroom doors.  MUST BE DONE BY US.


  • Place long metal pole across inside of snack shack window and padlock the front of the window.  


  • Turn out the snack shack lights.


  • Lock door to the snack shack; then put the key in the cash box to be returned to Taylor Hindle.


  • Closer returns the cash box to Taylor Hindle’s house at 5 Rands Lane.





Rye Rec lets us used these facilities as a courtesy and expects it to be taken care of properly.  We want to keep this clean so we will be able to continue to have this privilege.


Thank you for your help and support in all of these responsibilities.


Snack Shack
Useful Tips

1.It is extremely helpful for both workers to arrive at least a half hour before the game starts, since the posted Opening Procedure takes time to get things ready and the hot dogs cooked.


2.Do not open the window until you are ready for business, since once it is open, you will have customers.


3.It is necessary to have both the opener and closer working together from the start to finish, since it does go faster with more hands.


4.Make sure the hot dogs are ready for the start of the game.   Some players like to grab a hot dog before the game starts, in case they haven’t had enough time to eat, as the weeknight games are at 5:15.


5.Make sure you keep the soda fridge filled with drinks, and put the new ones in the back.  People don’t want to buy warm ones.   It helps to keep the variety organized together.  If you have a row or two of everything in there you will be covered, and it is easier to rotate warm vs. cold when you have a few rows to move things around in.   However, an example is to not put a whole shelf of lemonade in there at a time, since it isn’t the most popular seller.


6.When it is very busy, it is helpful to have some cooked hot dogs pre-wrapped in foil and kept in the warmer, so things move along faster.


7.When it is really busy, it is helpful to have one person “manning” the counter to keep track of who has paid and who is next – and the other person “manning” the hot dog / pizza orders. 


8.When the outside garbage cans are full, ask someone to help empty them in the dumpster.  They are heavy.    The Rye Rec uses them during the week for their camps too.   We don't want a bunch of garbage sitting around for our games.


9.Please make sure that the correct size bag is used for the barrels.  It is much nicer to clean up when the bag doesn’t fall inside the barrel.


10.It is also important to remember that garbage in the dugouts need emptying.   Each team is supposed to empty the garbage and sweep up the dugouts after each game.