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Sponsorship Policy for Rye Little League

About Being a Sponsor
Rye Little League is dedicated to building character, courage and loyalty in local area youth by providing fun, safe, and competitive baseball and softball programs. To be successful, Rye Little League requires a tremendous amount of support by the local community.

Your donation helps offset the costs of equipment, player insurance, adequate umpire training, and operational expenses, and will help supplement participation fees.  Please check with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donation and upon request we'd be happy to provide you a letter confirming your donation and our status as a non-profit organization. 

Benefits of Being a Sponsor
Your help and support will ensure our area youth are provided a positive baseball experience. As an individual or local business involved with Rye Little League, you will benefit by being recognized for your goodwill and support of youth baseball. For less than the price of a full-page ad in any publication, you can broadcast your message, every day, to the hundreds of people who visit the Rye Little League website.  The Rye Little League Sponsorship Policy consists of Little League International standards and Rye Little League standards. If at any time there is a conflict between these two sets of standards, theLittle League International standards prevail.

Little League International Standards
The Little League International standards are the standards included in the current Little League International Operating Manual.  More information can be found online at www.littleleague.org.
Rye Little League Standardss
  • Each and every sponsor must completely understand that a sponsorship is not an endorsement of the person, business or any products or services provided by the said business by the Rye Little League
  • Sponsors must get prior approval of any use of the League’s names, trademarks, emblems, etc., as indicated in the following guidelines as well as those listed with Little League International.
  • Sponsors must not use the Little League name and Official Emblem separately or in conjunction with the name of any other program or activity for the purpose of soliciting funds to be used for other than Little League activities.
  • Any use of the marks or words "Little League," "Little Leaguer," "Little League Baseball," "LLB", "LL", "Senior League Little League," "Big League Little League," "Challenger Division," and/or the Official Emblem on the Internet requires written authorization from Little League International Headquarters annually.
  • Complete information on the use of Little League Marks can be found in the current version of the Operating Manual. The Little League International standards are hereby included by reference. See section “Use of Little League Marks” in the Operating Manual.
  • Exploitation of the Little League program, a league, a team or individual player for the benefit, financially or otherwise to a sponsor is strictly prohibited.
  • Sponsorships can be revoked at any time without refund for violating this policy.
  • This policy does not limit the League’s (either Rye Little League or Little League International) legal recourse available due to copyright or trademark infringement for misuse of Little League International property.