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AAA League
Eligible ages 9 & 10

AAA level is for boys and girls ages 9 and 10 that possess the basic fundamentals of throwing, catching, batting, base running, and fielding. AAA is designed to give motivated young players an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of the game. 
The baseball field is a 60-foot diamond and the pitching distance is roughly 46 feet. This is the first year of player pitched play. 
The league is formed through a draft after a skills evaluation is conducted to help ensure both player development and balanced competition. Scores and standing are kept at this level of play. There are typically three 1.5 hour events (games/practices) per week. 

A player from the AAA league can/may be called up to the major league if the situation arises. The selection of which player will be determined by a recommendation of the AAA coaching staff, the VP of the AAA league, and the Director of Coaching.  We realize that some children develop skills more quickly than others and we need to consider all aspects before moving a child to the next level.  The parent of the child would be notified of the request, and we would seek their permission first before asking the child. If you have questions regarding this league, please contact the Director of AAA.