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RLL Board Commitment and responsibilities 

President– Oversees all baseball operations and assumes full operational responsibility for Rye Little League (RLL).  Presides at league meetings and baseball events. Receives all mail, supplies, and other communications from Little League International.  Briefs all league officials on rules, regulations, and policy. Acts as the main contact between RLL and LLI, and serves as the liaison between the town of Rye and RLL.  Primary contact.

Vice President– Directly engages with the president to oversee and manage the operations of the Major & Minor leagues, as well as, other officers and committee members.  VP presides in the absence of the President.  

Treasurer– Oversees the financial obligations for RLL. Signs checks, and co-signs with the president if checks exceed $500. Dispenses funds as approved by the RLL board. Reports and updates all financial status at all board meetings.  Ensures all financial records are up-to-date, and sets the budget for the season.

Secretary– Maintains a register of members and directors, records the minutes of meetings. Responsible for sending out minutes to all board members.  Maintains records of the league’s activities. Assists President with registration and scheduling.  

Director of Coaching– Oversees proper training and development of all coaches.  Distributes proper training material to coaches, and managers to better assist in the development of all the baseball players. Coordinates clinics on proper teaching techniques.  Oversees Big Al’s training seminar, as well as, Double Goal teaching.  Oversees coaching and managers application forms. Designates coaches and managers to respective teams.

Director of Minor League (AAA, AA, & t-ball)– Engages with the Director of Coaching to ensure that the right managers and coaches are selected for each team. Oversees the operations and scheduling of the minor league.  Meets with all minor league coaches & managers and reports any known issues to the board, or any parental concern directly to the Player Agent.  Develops and maintains established ground rules for the minor league. Engages with parents to learn of interest in becoming a RLL sponsor and reports interest to the Director of Marketing. 

Safety Officer– Coordinates all safety activities, ensures safety and player training.  Ensures safe play conditions, coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries for all levels of play.  Prepares the ASAP plan to Little League International. Oversees medical binders and first aid kits for all teams, snack shack, and scorer’s booth throughout the season.

Umpire in Chief– Oversees all umpires for RLL.  Secures and schedules umpires for the ML and AAA league games.  Provides umpire training, and instills good sportsmanship at all games. Adheres to and strictly enforces the Little League International rules of the game as well as the RLL ground rules which are unique to RLL.  UIC will also be requested  to partake in all-star events.

Director of Communication– Manages the website and communication to RLL families.  Proper check of birth certificates for league eligibility of all players. Oversees the application process for field use.  Manages and communicates to the community ongoing updates that are important to schedules, games, practices and general notices. 

Player Agent– Liaison between coaches/managers/players and parents.  Is the go-to person for any issues that may arise during the course of the season. Tries to work out issues as they arise, but in the event that the issues are not manageable, the Player Agent shall bring these issues to the board for further discussion and follow up. Oversees player selection primarily at the major league and AAA levels.

Director of Marketing and Fund Raising– Oversees all fund raising, sponsors, and advertising initiatives.  The position is critical to the financial success of the league.  Some cold calling to local sponsors may be necessary in order to achieve success. 

Director of Field MaintenanceResponsible for determining how funds are utilized in improving the fields for major and minor league. Engages with Rye Recreation Director for all field permits and work being done. Engages with the Director of Marketing and Fund Raising to set goals and budgets for these improvements.

Director of Equipment & Capital Improvements Responsible for determining how funds are utilized in improving the equipment such as, new batting cages or dugouts, plus capital improvements to the snack shack. Engages with the Director of Marketing and Fund Raising to set goals and budgets for these improvements.

Director of Concessions– maintains and oversees snack shack operations.  Organizes the purchases of food and beverage products, along with other applicable concession goods and services.  Oversees and manages/schedules volunteers to work the concession booth during league events. Tallies and records all sales and purchases.


  • Term limit is one year.
  • Term begins begins October 1st and ends September 30th.
  • Each Board Member is required to remain engaged and be a part of the RLL board for the entire season.  Any notice of resignation or the need to step down must be done in writing to the Board of Directors.